illyr is a vocalist, producer and choreographer.

[SCROLLING SUBCONSCIOUS] is a collaboration between REMEMBER YOU WERE MADE TO BE USED x illyr. A triptych of moving image/sound pieces that explore the juncture between love, lust and sexuality in the face of surveillance within a digital age. Inspired by illyr's work in a sex club, his job is to watch the CCTV, feeling like the guard to Dante’s Second Circle of Hell. The work is a documentation of a virtual love affair. It moves from capturing the love affair in ‘i.chokehold’, to the digital purgatory of lost souls in ‘ii.feed’, then to the third and final dystopian digital wasteland in ‘iii.too many times’.

i. chokehold
ii. feed
iii. too many times

Release: 07/04/2017